Would YOU Like to Buy a Home With Only $100 Down?

If your answer is yes, here's an overview how you can do this and the basic criteria you must meet.


Homes that can be purchased with $100 Down are a part of current HUD   ( Housing and Urban Development) incentives to sell their current inventory of foreclosed homes. This means that if you find a current HUD foreclosed home ( aka HUD REO), you can buy that home and secure a loan that only requires a $100 down payment.

Basic Criteria

  • You must secure FHA financing for your purchase in order to utilize the $100 down incentive
  • Home must be purchased to be your primary residence
  • In order to qualify for FHA financing, you will generally need a 640 credit score
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Additional Information

  • You are NOT required to pay for an appraisal on these homes in nearly all cases, since HUD generally has already had one completed.
  • If the home is in need of Repairs, your FHA loan that we help you secure can be utilized to cover the cost of required repairs.
  • MAX costs for repairs is $5000 ( above $5000 requires us processing as a 203K)


Ready to Buy a Home with $100 Down?

Step 1   - Get Prequalified for your new loan - Call us today!

Step 2 -   Get with your Real Estate Agent to begin your search. Please note that it is important that you are working with an agent that is qualified to assist you in your search for your HUD REO home. If you need a recommendation, let us know and we'd be happy to provide recommendations to assist you in your search.

Step 3 -   Make an offer on your new home!

Step 4 -   Provide necessary documentation to your lender (US) so we can get your home loan approved.

Step 5 -   Move into YOUR New Home! 


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