A Word from Our Clients Our goal is to assist our clients and their families in selecting the proper mortgage loan program to meet

Don't Take My Word for It!
Here's A Word from My Clients

I completely understand the uncertainty of working with a lender you may know nothing about and placing your trust in that individual for what may the biggest financial transaction of your life at the time and I take that decision you need to make VERY seriously!

Providing my clients and their families with "above and beyond" service and making sure I placed them in the  the proper mortgage loan program are two of my primary objectives in my business.  Here are comments from a number of my customers and business partners who were truly more than satisfied with my service!

As of December 2018, I've also started gathering reviews on Zillow. 
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Below is a sampling of email testimonials I've received over the years.


Beth and I are SO IMPRESSED with your exceptional handling of this loan in such a prompt, and professional way!  You have been awesome to work and the updates going to everyone has been great.  Looking forward to a smooth closing and I hope we do business together again soon!

Becky was the listing agent for home the borrower purchased - she used me for her loan.

Becky Babcock

ERA Sunrise Realty



The # 1 Agent in Cherokee County


I know that we already spoke, but I still wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you and your team did to secure the financing for our new home. The closing went with out a hitch; needless to say, I now know why. You were sweating the details at 7:00 am this morning, working with the attorney and ensuring all was in order.

As always, working with you is a pleasure. Please tell that great team that supports you; Thank You!

Best Regards,

Mr and Mrs. Bonnot
Purchase Client

Hi Kathy,

I am so thrilled tohave finally completed that refinancing. You were just awesome! I want to let you know that I truly appreciate all of your time and unselfishness that you showed me as you walked me through the process. Whew!! is what I can just imagine you saying as you wipe your brow. I know it was a case like none other, however, thanks again for your assistance. I have phoned Mary and given her all of the good news. She was ecstatic as well. Also, I have talked soooo much about how you handled my case at work and church until I do not doubt that you will get some calls. If you do not mind it would you please mail me a few of your cards to my home in the snail mail so I can put them on the counter at the school? I am just singing your praises EVERYWHERE I get the chance. My oldest son in Massachusetts is paying for me a ticket to come with him again for the week of T'giving. He sends his appreciation to you as well for "making things happen, and working with his Mom", he says. I pray God's blessings even more upon you.



Brenda Daniel

Refinance Client

Kathy, I hope your ears were burning today. The realtor and the attorney said so many times what a pleasure it was working with you. Susan said she had NEVER worked with anyone so easy and on the ball. the closing went off without a hitch! Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure!! Jane

Jane Fuqua 

Purchase Client

“I honestly feel because of your persistence and because of you, I own my first home in Duluth GA.

I am from Louisiana, transferred to Tennessee and finally found homestead here in the good “ole” state of Georgia.

I had credit issues, 1st home buyer issues and even bankruptcy from years ago on my credit. It is you that had the faith and did not give up, even when I wanted to. I really do feel like I would probably be renting right now, if you had not kept pushing to find all the loop holes that you did, and made my dream, of owning a home, come true. At this time my credit score has increased 100 points and I have had the opportunity to invest in several other real estate opportunities. I know 3 other friends that were a challenge to get approved that came to you for help…AGAIN you pulled it off for them and made their dream come true too. I consider you my Mortgage Angel and a friend!”

Carol E. Jinks

Internet Marketing Specialist

Martindale Hubbell


Purchase Client

“Prior to using Kathy Delbridge, I have never experienced what I would call “good customer service” from anyone in the mortgage industry. Kathy definitely changed my prospective. I’ve required her expertise on numerous occasions and she has ALWAYS provided quick, accurate and excellent service. I have needed her personally, as well as, referred my clients to her and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kathy knows her business and knows how to treat customers with respect and promptness. She is top on my list when people ask me to refer them to someone who can help them get the best possible loan in the quickest amount of time with the most favorable rates in town!”

Janet Marshall


Town & Country

Hickory Flat



“In my business as a real estate agent with more than a decade of experience, I'm always looking for competent, reputable professionals whom I feel comfortable referring to my clients. I found that in Kathy Delbridge, who was actually referred to me by an esteemed colleague also in the real estate industry. There are literally thousands of people now getting into the mortgage business, but very few of them really know what they are doing. Kathy is not only very knowledgeable and experienced in her field, she is very personable as well, and my clients have found working with her to be quite a pleasant experience. When I send buyers to Kathy, I know that there will be no surprises, no last-minute changes in the interest rates or fees, no extra fees stuck on the client at the eleventh hour when it's too late to change lenders and still close the transaction. Whether you are an agent or a buyer, first-time or otherwise, you can rest assured that your loan will be handled in the most ethical and professional manner possible because that's the way Kathy does business!”

Gail Schulte, Realtor

Three Columns Real Estate, Inc.




“My partner and I were referred to Kathy Delbridge in 2004 when we decided to re-finance our primary residence and also purchase a vacation home in Florida. That referral was a godsend! I dreaded the process – I’m an attorney but real estate law is not my area of expertise – and looked forward to it about as much as a root canal without anesthesia.

Fortunately my fears were unfounded. I couldn’t have asked for a more delightful person to work with than Kathy. No question was too ridiculous, no concern too minor. Kathy was the consummate professional. She returned phone calls and e-mails promptly, and explained each step of the process to me. I can honestly say I’ve never had that kind of service before.

A couple of months after closing on our vacation home, my partner and I were in Florida having dinner with our realtor and one of her co-workers who had assisted with the transaction. The first question they asked was “Who did your loan?” They explained that typically when someone outside of Florida handles the loan, it’s a pain in the neck. Much to their relief, this wasn’t the case, and one of them (who has been in real estate for twenty-plus years) described Kathy as “the best loan person I’ve dealt with in a long time.” She still asks about Kathy every time we see her – almost three years after the sale!

My partner and I were very lucky to be referred to Kathy. We highly recommend her services (and so do a couple of realtors in Florida!).”

Rebecca Adams, Esq.

Dear Kathy:

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service I received from Brandon Rayburn during the limitless task of converting my two open rate mortgages to a fixed loan. Brandon was on this non-stop, regardless of the complications that resulted from my status as a self employed person, and simply MADE it happen. The weight of the paper load never wore him down. He remained patient and optimistic throughout the process. You guys are quite a team....congrats !!!

Lee Chadwick


The Metropolitan Club

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